Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hidden Grove - Sechelt - Sunshine Coast

From the description of the B&B we were staying at it seemed like a good place to go, although the owner had "never been there", several guests raved about it and many made second and third trips to this place - just a 15 minute trip down the road in Sechelt, BC.

Hidden Grove they call it, although it's just off the highway well marked and easy to get to.  Yet another world awaits when you enter this old growth forest.  From the first few steps on the springy trail, from years of vegetation piled beneath our feet, I felt this place was special.  The kind of feeling you may get when walking into an old cathedral, if you're religiously inclined, or an oasis.  This place had a special feeling to it, one of peace and tranquility, of age and continuity - a sanctuary.

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  1. I always think tall trees are so special, think it's simply because they've been there for so long. The top shot is magic, reminds me of our Karri forests here in Perth.